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Satellite Stories im Interview

Von Mainz nach Oulu, Finnland, das ist nicht gerade ein Katzensprung. Und deshalb auch nicht einfach mal so zu bewältigen für eine arme Studentin, die ein Interview mit einer interessanten jungen Band aus eben dieser finnischen Hafenstadt führen möchte. Doch es zum Glück gibt es da einen Ausweg: ein E-Mail Interview!

Satellite Stories hatten wir euch schon einmal kurz vorgestellt mit dem Song der Woche Helsinki Art Scene. Fröhlich, spritziger Indiepop, wie er auch mit Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro und Mexico, den anderen zwei Liedern auf ihrer Promo EP geboten wird. Dieser Partyindie, wie sie es selber nennen, macht Spaß und bringt einen automatisch zum Tanzen.
Viele Hintergrundinformationen sind über sie im Internet nicht zu finden, aber im E-Mail Austausch merkt man schnell, dass das vier sehr sympathische Jungs sind, die sich hinter ihren Satelliten Pseudonymen verstecken.

How did you all get into Satellite Stories?

Our singer Esa and drummer Olli-Pekka met during a boring lecture at the university, and started talking about music. They decided to start a band and asked Jyri to play bass. A bit later Marko joined the band to play guitar.

Is there an interesting story about how you chose this name for the band?

In the early days we had a song called Satellite Stories. The title of the song sounded cool so we decided to choose it as a band name.

Your Myspace lists Vampire Weekend, The Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club as your influences. What do you like about those bands?

We love the positive energy these bands have in their music! This is something we also want to include in our songs. Danceable and not too serious. Also, these bands really know how to write catchy and strong songs, and they all have their unique sound.

Are there also „older“ bands who have influenced you?

We´ve all been music fans for years, and made different styles of music. So there is a wide range of music style and bands from electronic dance music to indie rock that we´ve been influenced by. We have a blog (in finnish) at where you can read about some of the music we like.

How did you know that you are the most blogged Finnish band 2010 (congratulations for this!)?

Well, in late 2010 we realized, that we must be the blogged finnish band that year, since we got that much of attention with our promo EP. It´s kind of a playful award we gave ourselves 😀 Anyone who wants to check the facts can just use Hypem.

Why don’t you want to be in Helsinki Art Scene? 😀

There´s nothing wrong with Helsinki Art Scene, we wrote that song few days before we had a gig in Aalto Art University student party in Helsinki, and those lyrics were kind of a harmless joke to that gig. But it sounded kind of cool and we didn´t felt like changing those words anymore. Maybe the lyrics could also have something to do with the attitude, that Helsinki (and southern Finland) is not the only cool and lively place in Finland!

In the rest of Europe, people mainly know metal bands from Finland. How do you see the Finnish music scene? Is it hard to establish an Indie band with, let’s say, positive tunes there?

There´s a lot of new talented bands coming up our music scene, with more „indie“ sound. But it´s true, most of the finnish bands are about metal, especially in our home town Oulu. But we believe that there is also room for other kind of music. For us metal music is too depressive, we want to see the positive side of things! If the metal bands are the long and cold winter, we want to be that short, yet wonderful finnish summer!

Which steps will you take next? Do you have plans for an album?

We are soon going to studio to record a couple of new songs. There are some secret plans, but we can´t tell them yet 😉 You just have to stay tuned, and expect the unexpected!


Das klingt viel versprechend und wir halten euch auf jeden Fall auf dem Laufenden. Weitere Informationen zu Satellite Stories gibt’s hier:

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